Hot tub frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Running costs will vary depending on the spa water temperature, bathing time, ambient air temperatures, electrical tariff and location of the Hot Tub.

The most accurate way to calculate this is to work on KW usage. An average KW of energy in the UK costs between 8 and 12p depending on the electricity provider. A rough estimate would be between £5 – £10 per week for spas and £15 – £20 per week for swim spas.

Hot tubs will be packaged and delivered on their sides so the minimum width we require is 850mm. Our larger spas will require a minimum of 1.2 meters. Look for any obstructions like drain pipes, guttering, steps, overhanging eves or sharp turns that could get in the way. If a crane is required, we can help you find a local crane company. Swim spas will require specialist lifting equipment. We can help you find a local crane company.

Please ask us for the latest stock levels. If your spa is in stock, we can deliver it between 1-5 days. If the spa is out of stock please allow 8 weeks. Once you have ordered your Hot Tub we will call you to arrange the delivery and installation date and time to suit you.
Yes. We have a dedicated showroom in Kings Wood near Aylesbury and Bicester that you can visit by appointment only. We have Hot Tubs and Swim Spas on display. Please ask us for the latest display models.

You will need an electrician to install a dedicated power supply from your fuse board with an RCD circuit breaker. An isolator switch should be installed next to where the hot tub is to be installed. Sufficient armoured cable is needed to reach from the isolator switch to the hot tub control box allowing extra cable so that it can be hidden. We can discuss this in more detail with you over the phone or when we visit your property. We are happy to speak to your electrician to confirm the requirements if you would prefer.

Your electrician does not need to be present when the Hot Tub arrives. His/her work needs to be completed prior to our arrival.

Hot Tubs don’t need a permanent water supply. They’re filled and drained using a hose pipe so you won’t need to install any additional plumbing at your home.

Your Hot Tub must be sited on a structurally sound, level surface. A reinforced concrete base at least four inches thick is recommended for your Hot Tub. Existing patio slabs and block paving may be used but must be flat and level. Wooden decking is acceptable as long as it is structurally sound. All bases must be able to take the weight of the Hot Tub plus the water and the bathers.

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