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Benefits of Hot Tubs

Everybody loves a hot tub but not everyone knows about the considerable health benefits they offer. It’s not often that our indulgences are actually good for our health, so hot tubs are particularly special. Through a combination of buoyancy, heat, and massage, hot tubs significantly reduce stress and tension.

But that’s not all. Below you’ll find a detailed list of benefits you can experience with hot tubs.

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Accelerated Healing

Buoyancy reduces muscle and joint tension and increases blood flow. All of these things lead to accelerated recovery from injuries. Additionally, the hot tub jets provide therapeutic massage which releases endorphins – the body’s natural pain killer. So, you’ll recover quicker from injury and be in less pain while you heal!

Heat Therapy

The benefits of heat therapy for things such as strains and sprains, chronic pain, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and Alzheimer’s have been shown in many studies.

The heat applied by hot tub jets increases blood flow throughout the body, and increased blood flow brings with it increases in nutrients and oxygen – these vital chemicals are essential to healing.

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Calorie Burning

With no changes to diet and no increased uptake in physical exercise, the use of a hot tub can burn a considerable number of calories – as much as a 30-minute walk. Burning that many calories from the comfort of a hot tub sounds ideal to us!

On top of this, the way in which hot tubs mimic exercise leads to reduced blood sugar levels – particularly beneficial for those with type two diabetes.

Sleep More Soundly

The use of a hot tub can effectively combat insomnia and other forms of sleep disorders, helping you to sleep soundly. With your circulation increasing, blood pressure and heart rate decreasing, and joints decompressing, you’ll enter a heightened state of relaxation that promotes good sleep.

Also, the body temperature will drop significantly as soon as you leave the hot tub, releasing significant amounts of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

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